Facebook connect and regular member login

I have a need to have 2 different user types.

One type needs to login with facebook because several of their actions on the site need to be sent back to facebook.

Another user type is a 'normal' wordpress user. Although I don't have requirements for numerous roles I would like to use the member plugin for this type of user.

Is this possible? If not, can I use the Ultimate FB plugin for the facebook users and something else for the 'normal' users? (external plugins for augmenting the regular wordpress login process/forms/profiles)

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    Yes, that would be nice. I would have liked to have WPMU plugins be compatible. ;(

    However (and luckily) it's not required in this case. I don't need all of the sophisticated functionality of WPMU's member plugin. I need custom registration, front page login, hidden menus, and profile editing. I believe I can get those with various other plugins.

    Can I still use the facebook plugin for a set of users and the normal wordpress login (+ a bunch of plugins) for another set of users? For example, I will need a set of functionality on the site which requires FB login. When a user tries to access that functionality I will force them to login via FB. Other functionality (for a different set of users) will require the normal Wordpress login.

    Sounds reasonable? Any gotcha's I need to know about?

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