Facebook connect and regular member login

I have a need to have 2 different user types.

One type needs to login with facebook because several of their actions on the site need to be sent back to facebook.

Another user type is a ‘normal’ wordpress user. Although I don’t have requirements for numerous roles I would like to use the member plugin for this type of user.

Is this possible? If not, can I use the Ultimate FB plugin for the facebook users and something else for the ‘normal’ users? (external plugins for augmenting the regular wordpress login process/forms/profiles)

  • Philip John
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    By ‘member plugin’ do you mean our Membership plugin? If so, that wouldn’t be possible as Membership overrides the entire registration process, including FB registration.

    You would need to instead use Ultimate FB alongside the standard WP registration.



  • webcom
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    Yes, that would be nice. I would have liked to have WPMU plugins be compatible. ;(

    However (and luckily) it’s not required in this case. I don’t need all of the sophisticated functionality of WPMU’s member plugin. I need custom registration, front page login, hidden menus, and profile editing. I believe I can get those with various other plugins.

    Can I still use the facebook plugin for a set of users and the normal wordpress login (+ a bunch of plugins) for another set of users? For example, I will need a set of functionality on the site which requires FB login. When a user tries to access that functionality I will force them to login via FB. Other functionality (for a different set of users) will require the normal WordPress login.

    Sounds reasonable? Any gotcha’s I need to know about?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Techincally, yes but it would require custom coding the registration button into the relevant areas. You couldn’t just do it with the plugin itself.

    On it’s own, the plugin provides either the option to regsiter with Facebook or forces FB registration – there is no conditional available.



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