Facebook Connect and the Membership Plugin

I just read on another post that there are some compatibility issues with Facebook Connect and the Membership plugin.

I have WP-FB Autoconnect (not WPMU) installed on my site, and Membership is one of the plugins I plan to install later and compare with other similar plugins offered elsewhere (s2, etc)… but one function I absolutely need is to have people be able to create accounts using Facebook Connect, and login with it of course.

Is that not possible using the Membership plugin? The specific thing that was said on the post I mention above is that Membership wants to take control of account creation… I’d need it to allow for people to create a basic account using Facebook Connect, and then upgrade to a higher account level with Membership.

My old site got far too many spammers and trolls, and I’m trying to build real connections between real people, so requiring Facebook Connect is a way I am limiting the trolling from happening, and encouraging people to be themselves rather than faceless anonymous political blog flamers.