Facebook Connect gives error message if I don't give a name for the device


My facebook is set to send login notifications (I guess all fb account have that as default), and when i press the facebook connect button in my website for the first time, my fb user and pass are asked and then shows a page to give a name to this device i’m using to connect.

If I do give it a name, a message appears that i can close the window and go back to the aplication, but the user is not automatically logged in/registered. I have to press the connect button again.

If i don’t give the device a name, an error message appear saying that a problem with the app may have occurred. Then i just close the window and click again the connect button.

In the next logins, pressing the button once, will log the user without problem.

Here is the message presented to the user (pt-br):

“Um erro deve ter ocorrido durante o processo de entrada. Você pode fechar esta janela e tentar retornar ao aplicativo, entretanto, pode ser solicitado que você entre novamente. Isto ocorre provavelmente devido a um problema no aplicativo.”

In both cases, pressing the button again will log the user in, but that message about a problem can make the user more resistent to use facebook connect.

Any help on this?