Facebook connect - How to get better looking LOGIN screen.

Hi There, I am using Ultimate Facebook plugin and would like to know how can I improve login form. below are 2 things I hope to change. Please let me know if it is possible to change and how?

1 - Currently when someone want to join website, they click 'login with facebook' button and in front of them appear form with all fields, that are auto populated by values from their Facebook profile. Some other websites (for example Mashable.com) not showing this form and all fields, but just login button. And in grey text under it is shown what will be taken from Facebook profile. I think this is much better solution, as this huge form with fields can scare users, while in Mashable case, simple button with just note under it of what will be shared is much more elegant. Is there a settings or simple trick how I can change your 'Ultimate Facebook' plugin not to show the whole form?

2 - If I can't change above and have to show this form - how can I reduce number of fields? I tried in settings of the plugin, under "Map WordPress profile to Facebook" to reduce to name and bio, but form still show other details such as email, birthday, location, etc. Can I somehow reset form and ask only for name and email? More fields will more likely scare users, so better to ask just of a basic.

Thank you, kinds regards