Facebook connect is asking for permission to see users' Friends

I've been using Ultimate Facebook for awhile and Facebook connect has started stating (during the facebook part of the login to my site) that my app requires permission to see who the user's facebook friends are... it hasn't asked that before, and I don't see why my app should need that info, and frankly think such a requirement will turn people away. Can anyone help me turn off that specific requirement?

I have profile syncing, but none of the settings are configured to ask about the user's facebook friends. I did recently respond to a Facebook app alert within the development center that requires all app developers to enable the "October 2013 Breaking Changes migration". It looks like Facebook will make those automatically on all apps after Oct. 4, 2013. I went ahead and switched it back off, and voila, the app no longer asks to see who all the user's Facebook friends are. So my question is about how to adjust my settings in the app so that I don't have this issue after Oct. 4 :slight_frown: