Facebook "Enter Correct Api Settings" Message

The plugin or app is timing out. I don't know which. But, basically the plugin is bouncing back and forth from "Please, enter correct Facebook API settings" to "Successfully connected to BLOGNAME". Maybe Facebook does not allow the connection for very long?

I have installed this plugin on several blogs (all with their own app) and this is the same across the board. The connection is fine, and then it is not. What is frustrating is that while the connection is "wrong", the plugin will not let you edit settings. So I have to sit there and press refresh until the connection is "successful".

What I also noticed is that while the connection is "wrong" the plugin still works fine on the front end. I think it might be a persistence issue with the API connection. I could be wrong. But, that is what it seems to be.

What I would like to ask is if the developer of the plugin can make it so that you can edit the other settings while the connection is "wrong"? Possibly even have a 'test' button that does not require a persistent API connection to edit the rest of the settings.