Facebook Events Import and URL Slug not working

OK, I’ve installed this Events+ Plugin on my site and it’s just not working. Have gone through the settings and the calendar is working and showing a blank calendar but that’s about it.

In the plugin settings I’ve set the root slug as /events but if you visit the page, http://www.edgarsrestaurant.com/events/ nothing there.

I haven’t added any events yet because it’s supposed to import and sync them with facebook events which I have events in.

The plugin is all set up. Facebook and Twitter Login, API settings set up. Facebook Events Import settings correct and run import every hour but the plugin doesn’t seem to actually do anything.

I had All-in-One Event Calendar and it worked fairly well but I liked the facebook import feature of this product. I tried the Facebook Events Widget but the timezone on that is all screwed up so I’m looking for a solution here.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.