Facebook Events Not Importing with Events+

I setup everything with the Events+ plugin to import Facebook events. The Facebook app is setup with the correction domain and the user id is correct as I checked by putting it after facebook/ and it took me to the page. I have it set to import every hour.

Please advise on why it is not importing. Is there a general issue with this plugin that I'm not aware of? Thanks.

  • Chad
    • New Recruit

    My question about this is, can this import events for a page? The created app requests permission for my profile, but is not pulling in events for the page I admin.

    I attempted changing the id via graph.facebook.com and used the page id instead, but no change.

    Thanks in advanced.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Chad,

    This is a pretty old thread, you would have been better starting a new thread otherwise it could so easily have been missed unless someone was monitoring them. luckily I had this 1 ticked to be notified.

    I think, though i've never tried. instead of entering your user id in the settings. you have to enter your page id, did you make sure you hit the reset button again after changing the id?


    • Chad
      • New Recruit

      I did. And it pulled in the Facebook one. I guess it doesn't do a refresh right away. The clock starts on that one hour import without first initializing.

      Next question is why doesn't it import any photos. Neither Meetup nor Facebook get images imported and assigned as the feature photo. Thoughts on adding this to the plugin functionality.


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there Chad,

    Please avoid posting to other threads that are as old as this one.
    As mentioned by Vaughan above you should instead use a new thread.
    A lot of things change in 1 year (that's the age of this post).

    I will be marking this thread as closed, if you're still having an issue please create a new post instead.


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