Facebook integration not working on my blog :-) - Comments Plus

Hello, I try to get comments plus running on my blog. I still have some problems with the Facebook integration. It does not like me.

When you login with facebook (enter email and password) it loads again the same thing (Login with facebook - banner) and can't write a comment ...

The comments are working with wordpress and google. I tried on Safari 6.03 and Firefox 19. First I disabled the Javascript - this made it worse and the login screen didn't even open up . The I activated the Alternative Facebook Initialization - no success. I tried the troubleshooter ... and it came back with: URLs in query strings seem not to be allowed, which will cause issues with Google OpenID authentication. (but Google is working)

My facebook app settings should be all right. I entered: fabulous-femme.com as App Domain and activated Website with Facebook Login Site URL : http://www.fabulous-femme.com

Ahhh ... what should I try next ...

You can try it out here: http://www.fabulous-femme.com/hosier-lane-photo-shoot-melbourne/
(The comments should go straight to website - I turned off moderation ... )

Hope I can get some help ... thanks a lot.