Facebook intigration - struggling to get it working. Dont know what to do next !!

I am building a membership site with Membership2, Events+, Ultimate Facebook.
I just don't seam to be able to get the get the Facebook/Wordpress integration working.
I have set up the Facbook App as per the directions. Have also had a chat with Ashok on your Live Support forum but it still doesn't work.
All the plugins have been deactivated with the exception of Ultimate Facebook, but no change. (No reactivated)

I am unable to post to FB from WP.
Unable to post from FB to WP
Unable to login to the site with the FB login button.
Alos probably unable to other stuff that I dont yet know about!!

I have set up support access and I would be pleased if somebody could dip into the back end and take a look.

This site is in early stages so I am not presious about content, so please feel free to do stuff and change stuff if needed.

Hope somebody can help.

Best regards