Facebook is not receiving correct post info


I'm configuring UFB and while testing the SHARE option it seems that FB is not receiving the right post information.

I've checked the post's page generated source and the plugin seems to be doing everything right since the OG metadata is there and well formed (or so it looks like it is)

<meta property='fb:app_id' content='1425946374348894' />
<meta property='og:type' content='article' />
<meta property='og:title' content='Conquistando la Sala de Juntas' />
<meta property='og:url' content='http://ganadorlatino.com/conquistando-la-sala-de-juntas/' />
<meta property='og:site_name' content='Ganador Latino' />
<meta property='og:description' content='lorem ipsum...' />
<meta property='og:image' content='http://ganadorlatino.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/emptymeetingroom-578x420.png' />

but when the FB popup shows up, it doesn't have the post's image, title or excerpt, it has the site's logo,title, tagline and the post's direct link (i.e. the correct URL that links to the shared content no the site's homepage)

So I think there's a setting somewhere that I'm missing.

Any ideas? thanks in advance.