Facebook Like button issues

Ok so I am creating a new blog found here: http://mikeprice.tw

But I am having issues with the like button. I was using Ultimate Facebook Plugin but it wasn’t working correctly. It was hard to click the “like” you had to get it “just right” on the upper left hand corner of it in order for it to accept the like. Other parts of the button could not be clicked.

So I got rid of that and got a new plugin that is working fine with the clicking part. However, when you do click “Like” now, it shows only a very small bit of the share dialogue box..its cutting off over half of it. Something strange with the CSS I am guessing but im not good at that.

Further, I am really curious as to why the Facebook “Like” button shows it as “Like” in Chrome and in Safari but when viewing the same button in Firefox it says “Share”. Thanks for any help you can provide!