Facebook "like" button not working & Twitter button not tracking share #s.

I'm having some issues with the "Pay with a Like" plugin.

I understand how to use it, and I've used it to hide specific content on this page: http://kearneybars.com/events/2012/08/first-friday-event-for-ypn/

If someone tries to hit the facebook "like" button when they're logged into facebook, it counts the number as "1" and then immediatly switches back to "0", not allowing them to "like" or share it on their timeline.

The other buttons work fine for sharing (LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+) and displaying content after clicked and shared. Facebook does not however.

Twitter also has an issue with keeping track of the number of shares. ??

Please let me know how you can help, I'm happy to create an admin User/Pass if need be.
I've followed some of the other threads about similar issues and none of the fixes have worked for me. When I check the console in Chrome, I no longer get a duplicate facebook init error but it still doesn't work.

I look forward to hearing back from you.