Facebook Link Doesn't show up unless I activate Ultimate Facebook


I've installed Social marketing Plugin and I can't get Facebook Share Logo to show up whether I Mark Social marketing Javascript settings as Yes or NO for Facebook.

I can get it to appear if I activate Ultimate Facebook. (Obviously this applies the Javascript)

This stays working whether I set Social Marketing Settings Javascript to Yes or No.

The problem is Ultimate Facebook cripples my site, half the menus dissappear in both Admin and Site. They are rendered but hidden somehow.

I have tried completely uninstalling Ultimate Facebook and reinstalling Social Networking but No Change.

It 'feels like' something in Ultimate Facebook is conflicting and is not getting removed.

But the same happens when I uninstall every other plugin.

Oh... waitup I still had Social by Mailchimp Activated which may have caused the conflict that made Ultimate FB sluggish and hide Headings and menu, but it doesn't solve the Facebook links not showing without ultimate FB scenario