Facebook Login does not work

We are having a major problem. I have two sites and at the same time the Facebook login button got smaller and once you try to login it gives me this message:"You have already logged into PaidinStyle Login. Click Okay to proceed." (see attached). Once I click OK it does not do anything. I have both websites hosted in two different places.



  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings paidinstyle,

    Recently it has been reported that Facebook has been having massive problems and that most of them have been reported in the ticket system of Facebook itself.

    Here is one of those reports:


    This has made a tremendous amount of tickets for us and trouble shooting Facebook issues almost impossible for two weeks.

    Now as shown in the post above here is the important part “in the last two weeks, FB DID have an issue with remote posting, but as of a couple or three days ago, they have marked the issue as resolved.”

    Needless to say, just as the auto posting and such quit working completely two weeks ago because of Facebook themselves I am suspicious ion your case too simply because it just suddenly started just like the other issue.

    However, since I am not the expert with Facebook I am going to see if I can get the lead developer in here to offer his advice/advise us as to what the problem may be.

    Though this may take longer then a normal ticket, I will try to get him in here asap.

    Cheers, Joe

  • paidinstyle
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Joe, Its Robert Vayner (founder)..

    Thank you for helping Helen so fast.

    Joe, we are a live site with over 200 evangelist members and allot of activity out the gate all facebook connect users……

    Our facebook groups/support groups are blowing up with drama and if you look at what we do you will understand why they need the site on daily basis ….

    we serve marketplace sellers and help them with instant targeted viral exposure which they now lost for just 1 day but they scream murder already even while its still free.

    If you examine the networks features and set up, you will understand what i mean….

    I know FB had issues for weeks but this only effected us yesterday morning, both on the live site and the sister site in development we are launching soon all at the same time with the exact same effect …

    Its crazy how within a moment the login button turned in to a small one instead of the longer one and on both sites where one is driven by classifieds and another marketpress so your correct it must be facebook.

    We did nothing new with the site and all was perfect before..

    I tried using other api keys but NO,

    that strange popup is still there when you try to login …

    MY problem is how would one damage control such a huge FAIL on our networks side ?

    The operation basically froze and starting to cause some bad buzz within our facebook groups, fanpage of almost 5,000 fans and all within 24-32 hours….

    we are just a baby – months old and doing very well but i cant even work due to the anxiety this is giving me…

    I could not Imagine this to not be fixed asap somehow …

    your correct facebook did say all is well 3-4 days ago plus i don’t see this problem on other sites so i am hoping and praying for a chance to have this fixed today or i face some serious problems with the community that can no longer use the site they came to love and depend on in less then months…

    For a guy like me, an idea to market strategist without budgets its a nightmare and again, i am keeping my fingers crossed that you guys pull out your magic wands and help us out with this insane situation… :slight_smile:

    I would never rush or bother good work but again i am freaking out as my supporters are asking for new accounts and feel like they wasted their time with facebook connect accounts..

    There are about 300 ads listed by users already in classifieds and these people are now asking for a manual account and to transfer their activity to it or they are done with paidinstyle…

    This is hurting me like crazy mentally and financially as we do many other things on that network that depend on its activity like the sales of our facebook solution, our distribution program …

    what do we do?

    Its not possible that something like this can bring an end to the momentum wave we are surfing right now which is a HUGE FAIL for our network and can bring us down fast..

    I mean people not being able to enter contests,sponsors not able to answer questions and so much more i don’t even want to get in to…

    Scared to open my email…..

    We don’t have budgets to get our BUZZ back up after this if its not fixed really fast so i really dont even know what to do right now…. i am in paranoia mode big time !

    I crowd sourced this project 100%..

    paidinstyle.com is a community governed network so its just me, myself, my team which are all sourced leaders of their niche who must have faith and security in paidinstyle.com as they work or free in exchange for exposure and some vip perks,rev share ,etc.

    so such a problem is really shaking them up as they are investing their futures in to this and have faith which i must keep alive….

    Please excuse the long post and drama , PLEEEASE HELPPPPPPP. SOS…. SOS ….

    you guys have shown us over and over that you know magic !

    we cherish this site, i call it the golden ticket to my success with social commerce so i have faith in you guys and know you will understand me and feel the fear i have in failing my supporters…..

    this is as bad as it can get in my world so will be awaiting and hoping this emergency may be taken care of fast…

    let us know if you need to get in to admin,ftp, whatever as long as we remember its a live site doing better by the hour, well was now its going down by the hour..

    sorry, just extremely upset that its out of my control..

    thank you !


  • paidinstyle
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    1. here is a page on our network with a contest widget by rafflecopter.com on it that uses facebook connect and log’s you right in with no problems http://www.paidinstyle.com/blog/jewelry-makeover-giveaway/

    2. notice the COMMENTS PLUS right under it which NOW GIVES US AN ERROR when we try to login…..

    both premium plugins, both updated to latest versions and both not working while the very example of the widget is functioning perfectly and directly on our network….

    please check and let us know if you feel this is facebook’s problem ?

    by the way we reverted to an older version of ULTIMATE FACEBOOK and that did not help…….

    2 days ago we upgraded comments plus but that did not break anything after we noticed facebook login no longer works the next morning and it did work all the way up to about 9am EST YESTERDAY…

    we are getting blasted inside facebbook groups we run for support by the hour and we serve a very sensitive niche that no one serves and are not about to loose such success over something like this…

    we dont have hours, we have minutes at this point…


    FYI, this happened on our live site paidinstyle.com and the sister site we are about to launch…

    both sites at the same time and both sites gave identical issues and are not driven by all same plugins so at this point it is not us, both sites are hosted with unique service providers and both where perfect up til about 24 hours ago….

    it is no longer facebook from what we see, both of your plugins stopped functioning at the same time and the example of another 3rd party facebook connect app is in perfect condition so not really sure what else to say and feel like we wasted 24 hours on the blame game…

    please do excuse me but today will have to be devoted to this issue as i am awaiting a reply and a fast solution, a patch, something…..

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hey Paidinstyle (Robert).

    I responded on the other thread with a different FB Connect plugin to try so you can potentially isolate it down to FB or the Ultimate Facebook plugin. Give that a shot.

    Plus, once people have accounts in WP, they should be able to access the site using a standard login shouldn’t they? Do they have their login credentials? If not, can you just go into the backend and email each member (I know it’s a lot) their direct login credentials so they can at least access the inner workings of the website?

    I haven’t looked at your website yet, so I may be totally off base here. But I’m throwing out ideas – something I’m pretty handy at (searching for solutions when the world seems to be falling apart). I used to troubleshoot in a production environment in a plant that lost $1,000’s a minute when something went down. That has conditioned me to try lots of “stuff” quickly and keep searching until I find a solution or admit defeat (which I don’t do easily).

    BTW, if you do end up emailing everyone their credentials, you may want to use a plugin to make our outbound emails “pretty” with your logo an all. I personally use: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-better-emails/ – and use the client’s logo in the top portion of the email and my logo in place of the “W” at the bottom corner.

    Sorry if this is more info than you wanted, but hopefully it is helpful.


  • paidinstyle
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    VeBailovity,JamesDunn thank you so much..

    we will try the patch you gave us and will look in to the rest and report ..

    I did not notice your answers as i was writing but also do take a look at the example i provided where it show how both UFB & Comments PLUS don’t work and did but another facebook connect widget on that page works perfectly…..

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    On the page you linked, there are two separate Facebook initializations, each using its own app ID. Using multiple app IDs is most likely the reason why the Comments Plus isn’t working. Can you please configure your plugins to use the same Facebook app ID?

  • paidinstyle
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok, we tried the patch, cleared cache, still same popup asking to OK authorization and when we do takes us to error page saying we are lost but when we refresh we end up being logged in……

    Helen is posting screenshots as it looks like your on to something bud !!!!

    we tested it on our non live sister site called craftsinstyle.com and left it so you may replicate…..

    I think at this point we say this has nothing to do with facebook anymore which is great news as YOU GUYS BEING IN CONTROL is my preference VS FACEBOOK……..

    also i know its another plugin but what about the fact that facebook login in comments plus also gives an error but just an error not even a popup like in Ultimate FB case….

    ALSO – James, thank you for that suggestion above and its some good info pal!

    My question is if they used FB connect to register and now would like to login manually then what would they use _____ for user name & _____ for password credentials ?

    email & password from facebook or user name from our network and password from facebook ?

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hey Robert.

    Well, that failed miserably!!! I was thinking that you could try the “Login” link (not the FB one, but the one at the top right of your site) and then do a “Forgot Password”, enter your email address, and it would send your credentials to you. However, apparently, Ultimate Facebook does not pull in your email address to the WP website (a Q for the developer). With other FB applications when you pull in information from FB, you usually get their FB registered email address as well.

    If you got their FB registered email address in your WP site, then they could request their credentials and it would be sent to that email address. I don’t know if that’s a setup in Ultimate Facebook that you’ve not configured or if it’s not built into Ultimate Facebook. Regardless, I’ve seen it done that way with other FB login applications.

    Sounds like @vebailovity is on to something though. I can assure you that I’m ZERO help with this at this point. I thought I had some ideas for you, but I can see quickly that I don’t. :wink:

    Good luck and hope you get this functioning quickly.

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev

    As for the being lost message, you may want to reconfigure the redirection URL in the plugin settings. You can do this by navigating to “Ultimate Facebook” > “Facebook Connect” > “Redirect on login” and change where you want to send your users on login. To e.g. send them to your home page, you can select “Site URL” from the dropdown and enter “/” (without quotes) in the text box just below it. That should take care of the user redirection issue and being lost message.

    As for the Comments Plus, I had a post a bit up but I guess it got missed in the exchange :slight_smile: Can you please try and configure all your Facebook-related plugins with the same app ID?

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hey, on craftinstyle.com I just logged in with FB with NO issues. Got it fixed?

    Also, you might want to reconfigure the redirect after login – it tried to take me to the wp-admin.php page, but apparently you have that blocked to users (which is probably very proper in your application).


  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Looks like you’ve got it sorted…Congratulations!!!

    As for seeing the “You are already logged in” message, that doesn’t bother me – I’ve seen it elsewhere as well. I think that’s a standard FB response box based upon you (the end user – your visitor) already having given the application permission to access your FB information. And I think your users will continue to see it that way until they go into their FB account and remove the authorization for the app to access that information. Once they remove that authorization, then they’ll have to reauthorize it next time they want to log in.

    I logged out and logged back in a time or two just to make sure it all worked. Looks like it does.

    Glad you got it sorted. Be sure to mark this post as resolved if it truly is working.


  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    BTW, now that it’s working, the request for a password reset works as well. You asked what the login ID would be? It appears the plugin creates a user account that is firstname_lastname from the info pulled from your Facebook account. For example, mine is james_dunn on craftsinstyle.com. I haven’t set a password, but I did get it to send me a link and it came right through.

    So, then I clicked the link, created a password of my liking, and then loged in using my login ID and password. It all worked like it’s supposed to.

    Hope this puts you back in business. Hate you were having such issues with it.


  • paidinstyle
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    you guys came in feet first like a wpmu spy team on this problem

    crushed with no mercy…

    pure poetry in motion !




    thank you !

    paid in style.com

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Glad you’re good to go now…hate you had such troubles.

    However, now you need to take this opportunity to turn the recent negative into a positive spin. Maybe email all your subscribers letting them know that when this became an issue that the “team” sprung into action and worked 24/7 until it was resolved.

    You can also use this as an opportunity to emphasize that it’s not just you (or a small group of your people), but you have the support and knowledge of a worldwide team of internet experts at your call (as long as you stay a member at WPMUDev – LOL) for future situations that may arise.

    If I sat down for an hour or so, I could probably find a half dozen or more positives to spin to your user base. Regardless, turn a negative into a positive.

    BTW, thanks for the Rep points – they’re greatly appreciated.


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