Facebook Login not working - whats missing

Hi there,

my facebook login is not working with comments plus.

I have entered ID/Secret (wordpress community + plugin) & URL/App Domain (facebook app).

If you happen to know why it does not work, let me know please.


P.S.: i granted acces to my page

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @Fabianhdhuu,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your qustion!

    I think the way to go here would be either to create a separate FB app for Comments+ or switch to Ultimate Facebook built-in comments function.

    I can see that you've enabled the "Pages on my website already use javascript from Facebook" option for your Comments+ plugin but this is only to prevent conflicts between two or more Facebook-dependent plugins and do not replace FB App configuration.

    That said, in case you'd like to continue with Comments+, please create a new FB app for it and configure it on "Settings" -> "Comments Plus" page of your dashboard. Another solution would be to disable the plugin and enable "Facebook Comments" options in "Facebook Comments" section of your dashboard's "Facebook" -> "Settings" page, therefore switching to Ultimate Facebook comments feature.

    Best regards,

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