Facebook not working on Comments Plus.

Hello all,

I am using a SUPER customized child theme of Twenty Eleven. I would disclose my site's URL, but I would much rather not do so in public. If needed, I can send it through a private message to someone who thinks they may be able to help.

The problem is simple - I installed Comments Plus and it seems to work just fine for WP, Twitter and Google Plus, but not for Facebook. I searched through the forums carefully and tried all the solutions I could find...

I am using an FB Like button as well on SOME pages but the problem occurs on all pages with comments plus so that shouldn't be the issue. In order to make sure, I removed it... but it still didn't work. I removed my whole header so that the default Twenty Eleven could be used - didn't work. Did the same with my footer.php and comments.php - no luck.

I tried using the Alternative Facebook Initialization add-on... no luck. I checked "Pages on my website already use javascript from Facebook" even though I have set it up so that the Facebook js is not loaded on pages with Comments Plus in order to avoid such errors... still no luck. I did both of those at the same time... nothing.

This is for a standalone 3.3.1 WP install with BuddyPress... I have manually installed the FB like and Tweet buttons - and I have added the email sharing through AddThis.

To make sure that none of the above were causing the issue, I removed AddThis and my whole sharing bar (which includes Like and Tweet) but still nothing.

If you have any ideas I would really appreciate a quick response. I am using the plugin on a live site and it would be very unprofessional to have a non working Facebook comments tab.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. When clicking on Facebook Login, the browser scrolls up to the top of the page and adds a # at the end of the URL. It seems as a classic js conflict... but I really can't tell where it could be coming from since as you can see I checked every single possibility (that I could think of).