Facebook "post as page" does not show page name


when posts are auto posted to Facebook via the Ultimate Facebook plugin, they are posted by my Main blog name, not the page name.

I checked my settings and the checkbox "If posting to a page, post AS page" is checked and the proper user/page is selected under "Autopost messages to 'Facebook wall' of this user 'oogopalblasserwaard.nl'".

The message is posted to the correct wall but it shows as posted by 'OogopNederland Blog' which refers to the main corporate site, instead of the individual blog.

When I uncheck the "If posting to a page, post AS page" checkbox, messages are posted under my personal account, so it does seem to have an effect.

I also check the name of the facebook page in facebook itself, and that is correct as well, showing the actual page name.

I am using a single facebook API connection for all blogs.

Any idea why this is happening?