Facebook Strategy for WP Developers

My recommendation is to separate you business from your personal life. There are advantages to having an actual business profile, most of all being able to contact other Facebook users directly. It is against Facebook's terms for a non person to have a profile though. Here is my solution that might be helpful for other developers that want to do business using Facebook.

• Create a new Personal Profile using your name add your business name as the nickname.
- add yourself as the owner of you business
- add your website URL
- customize your profile URL (make sure you do not use the name you want for your fan page)

• Create a Fan Page using your business name or you name if you use your name for business.
- get 25 likes to create a custom URL.

• From you profile create a Group and use the same name as you used for you Fan Page and your nick name on your profile.

For custom URL's you can use letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and periods (.). Capitalization does not matter but the way you capitalize will be the way the link is rewritten no matter how someone types it. You can use dots/periods (.) but .com seems to be blocked. If you you want to use Facebook.com/yoursite.com on promotional material register Facebook.com/yoursitecom it will work as Facebook.com/yoursite.com. Consider using Facebook.com/YoursiteCom. You will run into the same issue with the nickname on your profile so if you need a .com in you name the closest you can get is YorusiteCom. This is true for Twitter too.

The Profile, Fan Page and Group all have their own strengths when it comes to marketing and doing business.

You can use this to add Wordpress content directly into your Facebook Fan Page:


Even if you are not sure about how you will use Facebook you should get your pages now so you can lock up the custom URL that best fits you and your business.

Their is definitely room for making themes that work with Facebook's iFrame implementation.