facebook ultimate login remains waiting on subdomains

Need help: Login for facebook connect is working for the main domain, but when logging in from a subdomain address, it just stays on the waiting gif. However, if I wait long enough (say 2-3 secs) and then refresh the screen manually, I can see that I'm logged in.

  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @zternal

    Thank you for being a member and posting to the forum.

    Please confirm whether you have the plugin network activated or not. If it's network activated it should work on all sites with the settings that you've set in the Super Admin. However, if you don't have it network activated you would have to input the settings on each site.

    Hope this was helpful. Have a good day and look forward to receive your feedback.


  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @zternal

    Sorry for the initial questions, but it helps us to eliminate the basic stuff that some users might have overlooked. Glad that you got that all sorted.

    I will immediately ask for assistance from the Developer. However, since he is currently working on another assignment as well, I will ask my senior colleagues to also have a look at your problem.

    In the meantime, please provide me with a link so that we can see the problem in action, so to speak. It sometimes help to rules out other things.

    I'm also just thinking of other things that might cause interference with the Ultimate Facebook plugin. So just to make sure there are not conflicts with other plugins, please network deactivate all other plugins. This will help us to rule out plugin conflicts.

    I look forward to your feedback and getting this problem sorted for you.

    Talk soon.


  • 3SixtyEvolve

    Hi @DanOne

    Hope you're well.

    Thank you for posting on this thread and letting us know about your problem.

    Please send me a link so I can also check it. And I can then pass the details on to the Developer for feedback.

    Have a great weekend and look forward to your feedback.


    Hope my response is helpful. Appreciate a thumbs up if it is. If it's not, please let me know how I can serve you better.

  • zternal

    I was able to find a solution. The problem was that, say in this scenario: I registered using facebook on subdomain first.domain.com. If I where to login via first.domain.com or first.domain.com/wp-login.php then everything works as usual.

    But if I where to login from second.domain.com, and I was not a user of that other subdomain, then it won't let me login and the facebook gif would just turn indefinitely.. Technically, the second subdomain shouldn't let you login because you don't have permissions on that subdomain, say, through second.domain.com/wp-login.php.

    I noticed that once the facebook cookie was set, I was able to refresh the page on the second domain and it would still know I was logged in. I traced the logging to a redirect in class_wdfb_admin_pages.php, around line 444
    Comment out this line lets the javascript redirect work and refresh the page with the user logged in.
    I have my facebook connect redirect set to the homepage, and it's working now for me. It was never an issue logging in from the main domain because I was already a user of domain.com. This fix, however, won't let the user enter the admin pages of a subdomain they don't belong to.

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