Ultimate Facebook Registration Page


I am trying to customize the forced FB registration page.

If i tick the Force Facebook registration button, then upon clicking on Register button it takes me to:


but as you can see its stretched allover the main page.

How can i customize it so it will show the registration box on a different page? (a customized one..lets call it 'custom.php')

Thank you for your help.

  • Kimberly
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    Hi there!

    The Ultimate Facebook uses the registration link that WordPress provides.

    I've not seen any use cases,other than those of folks using the custom login URL plugin to avert spam signups, that needed to show the Facebook registration on a different url.

    What exactly are you trying to acheive on this? Is it just changing the url? or is it how the form displays?

    I'll attach a link of what i see, maybe you can tell me from that what you are hoping to do.



  • bstyler
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    Hey Kimberly.

    I am trying to display the registration form on another page. because as you can see..its totaly messing up the main page.

    And i would like to add custom buttons like "register with WP" for example.

    So basicaly i want that registration form on a custom page, with diffrent background logo etc'

    This is an example page i created but as it turnes out i need ultimate facebook and not just a registration button from Facebook dev' because your plugin register users in my WP Db..if i am correct.

    This is essentially what i want to achieve, but with the Ultimate Facebook plugin.

    Example Page

  • bstyler
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    Hi Kimberly.

    Thank you for your effort.

    Well just as i said, a custom page if its possible. a sort of wp-login2 if you will. :slight_smile:

    If we cant reach a customized page then we will have to stick to this..it seems the page is messed up because of incorrect css coding anyway.

    Thanx again, waiting for input.

  • Kimberly
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    Ok, for your custom page:

    doable - they can copy over the template from plugin folder to their theme root and edit away
    the template files to copy are in lib/forms/registration_page.php and lib/forms/registration_page_success.php
    so they can copy those files to their theme root and use them as basis for their own modifications and markup changes

    I'm not really sure how to tap into the code for the plugin to get the button to work, however i do know that all of our Facebook code is based here:


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