Hi there,

I used a shortcode on my homepage orhanerkut.com
There is more than one event on my Facebook page. But I can call only one and it is failed to call end time.

You can reach the events page with https://www.facebook.com/orhanerkut.com.tr/events link.

What's wrong with it?


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Orhan,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I took a look at both your FB events page and your site and I can see that there are currently two upcoming events, yet plugin is fetching only one. I can also see what you mean regarding time.

    However, although I was able to properly fetch some other (not related to your site) events on my setup I wasn't able to fetch even this one of your events on my sandbox. Would you mind me taking a closer look at your config so I could check it and also try to replicate it on my end?

    To let me "in" please grant me a support access and let me know here.


    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Orhan,

    I missed that you mentioned END time in your first comment and was focusing on start time, so I totally missed that your end date is on 1970, sorry about that.

    I tried doing some testing on my installation but it looks like it does take some time for FB to push all events.

    As for the end time, I tried creating one event with end time day after and that one was showing normally for me, could be that the issue is specific to same day end times so I'm waiting for my event page to update in order to check with such event.

    In the meantime could you try creating another event with end time on different day and see if it shows normal end that way, this will tell us if the issue is specific to your installation.

    Best regards,

  • George
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Orhan,

    I hope you are having a good day :slight_smile:

    I have checked your site and can reproduce the same issue at my end. You can fix the issue temporarily by following below steps.

    - via FTP open wp-content/plugins/wpmu-dev-facebook/lib/forms and open event_item.php file.

    - Check line no. 16 which has following line of code

    $end_time = ! empty( $event['end_time'] ) ? $event['end_time'] : strtotime( '+12 hours', strtotime($event['start_time'] ) ); ?>

    and replace it with following:

    $end_time = ! empty( $event['end_time'] ) ? strtotime( $event['end_time'] ) : strtotime( '+12 hours', strtotime($event['start_time'] ) ); ?>

    - save the file

    I already informed the developer regarding this issue and it will be fixed in upcoming release of the plugin.

    Let us know if you find and assistance or find any other issue.


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