facebook use clarification


Well this is not precisely a plugin problem but a general facebook misunderstanding, and would like some clarification by you experts guys :slight_smile:

This is the scenario

– I have a general Fb account, with which i manage several pages mainly my custumers ones.

– I am playing with you fb connect plugin and would like to connect one site to a specific page. It works fine BUT post are mentioned on facebook wall as published by “other people post” (me ^^), NOT as “sitename” or “pagename”, as an official post.

Would like to understand.

If i choos in the plugin settings the “autopost article” on facebook wall of THIS USER (and select the page name), post are published as athor name, mention “new publication of other people”.

If i select ME, well it goes on my wall which i dont want

If i select the app name, well no idea where the post goes !

If i create a “application page” (advanced setting in fb) i have a nice page, i can select “publish on this user wall” and select the app name… but… nothing…. I select the page name, the post is published (as on standdart page) but under my personnal name :slight_frown:

Could you help me to understand ?

What can i do for publishing main site post AS official post on the page ? Is there a “link” to make between the application and the page on fb ?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile: