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Hey Guys! It's me again.

I found a really nice plugin to connect with your facebook account:


This plugin adds a facebook widget to the dashboard where you can login to your facebook and see your wall... And there is an plugin to twitter just like this and it's for the dashboard too. And the coolest thing is that those plugins work with multisite too, and all the users can login to their facebook and twitter accounts directly from the dashboard.

So I was thinking: Is there a plugin like these to the front end?
Imagine if we could put it below the users profile widget... The users would see their buddypress profile widget, and below their facebook walls, and below the facebook's widget their twitter stream.

I'm looking for plugins that does this things, but if someone knows about something let's talk about it.

This tools for a buddypress network would be too much cool, 'cause the user's would see their accounts of other social network in widgets on our buddypress social networks.



  • DavidM
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    Hi Derek,

    I agree that does sound cool to me as well and it's been mentioned at various points regarding Ultimate Facebook, though I'm not sure Facebook's API would allow for accessing the logged in user's wall, etc.

    That particular plugin actually relies on a Google widget and actually is quite simple because of that. I imagine the same widget could be added to Ultimate Facebook.

    I'll move this to the feedback and feature suggestion forum and tag the developer to have a look when he gets a moment.


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