failed payments go to wrong default

We are getting some failed payments & when they fail, they are defaulted to a certain level (bonus). This is not good b/c they can see some of the paid materials. If it fails, they should be given visitor status, not the first access level. See email we received below.

FYI - You have support access to the site.

"After entering my name etc on the PSP page, I was redirected to the PayPal page to enter my payment information (with the $75 discount). When I tried to submit my payment it said "You have already signed up with this account information." When I cancelled the transaction, it redirected me to the PSP site where there was a message that said "You are currently subscribed to the free #PSPfit Bootcamp Cycle III plan. You can upgrade to a different subscription by selecting one below." However there were no other subscriptions below. I haven't participated in any of your bootcamps before, but did preregister to get on the mailing list."