Failing miserably with ANY SEO plugin :(

Hi everyone.

Hopefully this is a quick one.

I am having a problem where whatever wildcards are set for SEO page/post titles are also affecting the post title/heading on the page itself.

So the theme has wp_title in the header section for the browser titles
It also uses wp_title in the theme index.php to show a page/post title and then a sub title that you can set when creating a post/page.

Infinite SEO correctly changes the title in the browser, but it also affects the title displayed for the post/page.

What else can I use in the index.php to stop it being overwritten with SEO output. PLEASE HELP. Losing hair...

I'll post both bits of code.

This is the header code for title.
<title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?><?php global $page, $paged; wp_title( '|', true, 'left' ); ?></title>

This is the theme index.php title bit.
<?php wp_title($sep = ''); ?>

Apart from that infinite SEO is not bad comparing it to Yoast's Wordpress SEO.