Failing to load resources

Hi all,

This is a continuation from a previous ticket.

As a recap, I am running a multisite environment with Pro Sites and New Blog Templates. My preferred setup was to have users register, and also, create a free site on a subdomain where BuddyPress is installed.

The problem I was encountering with that setup, however, was that all new sites created were Apart from being ugly/long, I was also encountering an issue with my wildcard SSL certificate. Basically, since sites weren’t subdomains of my main site, they were insecure and getting thrown the appropriate warnings.

I resolved this by using the Multi-Domains plugin. As such, sites are now being created with my preferred path, however, it seems to be resulting in certain paths/URLs being broken on the new sites. This seems to be coming from New Blog Templates, though, it was working before installing Multi-Domains, so its likely the interplay between both.

I thought some users might find this helpful, knowing that new sites can be created from subdomains in this manner, yet, I do need to resolve the new issue. I should note that it’s specific to media types, and that, only some, but not all media isn’t being passed correctly.

Here is the error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (HTTP/2.0 404)

I’d greatly appreciate some assistance and offer my thanks in advance.