Family Tree - Help, pls!

Hello. I'm wanting to build a family tree in WP. I've installed CustomPress and thats great for making all the fields I need but the problem is linking Family Member (FM) to a Spouse (there could be more than one spouse), and then adding 1 or more Children to this coupling. These children will be a FM also, but only if the parent FM is male - carrying on the family name etc.

Each FM has been given a unique identifier. But how should I go about associating Spouse(s) and Child(ren) to this FM using this identifier?

I'd really like to be able to display the FM and their Spouse(s) and the children for each marriage dynamically on one page, along with all the FM details - Birth, Death, Photo etc.

Any suggestions on how this would be done?

  • DavidM

    Hi youngestchild and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    That's a very interesting, and specific, use of CustomPress! I don't recall seeing that done before with this or using a custom post type as a method.

    This may get a bit extensive (possibly outside the scope of support here) depending on how you'd like for it all to work but let's just see about that.

    To start with, what custom post types and taxonomies do you have setup thus far? I assumed Family Member is the custom post type, but wasn't sure what "Spouse" or "Children" were in this context.


  • youngestchild

    Hi David!

    Maybe I should have posted this in a more general forum?

    Yes, I have Family Member as a post type. I'm unsure what pieces of information should be Custom Fields and what should be Taxonomies. The types of information I'd like to display is the date and location of the birth, christening and death of each member. I'd also like it to display each marriage and the resulting children.

    As there may well be more than one Spouse for a FM I can't just set up the FM page with fields for only one Spouse. Like wise with children. So how I see it is, the Spouse would have to be set up as an separate entry in the database (either as a FM post type or create a Spouse post type)... how do I then link FM to Spouse?

    And the children, they are also individual FM and need to be created as such. How do I associate them with their Parents?

    I'd like a FM page to show all FM information and their Spouse and Child(ren)s info. Each child on this page should then link to their own FM page where the process continues like above.

    Each FM and Spouse has a unique ID, if I have a field on a FM page that asked for Mother and Fathers ID number... how do I then make this the link that binds a family together? Is this where I'd use a taxonomy?

    Sorry for the long post, I've been trying to get my head around this for a while.

  • DavidM

    Hi Amanda,

    My sincere apologies for the delayed reply on this. I actually thought I'd responded to this right away but seem to have missed actually posting my response.

    That said, the issue I see is the need to relate all these possible custom post types with each other, something WordPress itself doesn't provide for, as custom pot types and taxonomies aren't really designed to be relational.

    You might be able to use something like the following plugin for that.

    However, I think the best method would be to have a custom developed solution, perhaps simply a custom developed custom field that would ask for a relationship (father, daughter, son, etc.) and then give a list of all the Family Member post types in the system.


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