FAO Jude - follow up from Live Chat - Support System hiding

Hi there,

So I want to be able to hide the Support System plugin from ALL sites on my multisite network EXCEPT for the super admin site.

I have tried this:
I've created a file in...

wp-content/mu-plugins/multisite.php (chmod 755)

and in that file I've put:


// Hide Support System WPMU Dev from non super-admin sites on the network
function hide_plugin_trickspanda() {
global $wp_list_table;
$hidearr = array('incsub-support/incsub-support.php');
$myplugins = $wp_list_table->items;
foreach ($myplugins as $key => $val) {
if (in_array($key,$hidearr)) {

add_action('pre_current_active_plugins', 'hide_plugin_trickspanda');

As per your advice - however this does not appear to remove the Support System plugin from all non super admin sites?

Any ideas?