FAQ confusion plus totally Confused with Help and Support Theme...

Parent WPMU / BP site here: http://eastatlantaalumni.org/
Support Theme here: http://eastatlantaalumni.org/support

I don't know where to go with the Support theme. So far:
1. I've created categories and questions under FAQ manager.
2. I've created the support group, blog, and forum on the parent site.
3. A page was created which links to the forum on the parent site.
5. The Support theme was uploaded to the /support blog.
6. I'm guessing that I'm suppose to add posts to the /support blog in addition to widgets.

What's the purpose of the FAQ manager? How do I get those questions to appear for users to read? What's the purpose of the forum? I'm confused so thinking this will confuse the users more than help so I could use some direction on the best way to set up the FAQ for anyone visiting the site. From the FAQ they receive instruction on registering, post installation instruction, and a forum for asking questions.

Is there an FAQ widget? Am I missing something?
Any responses appreciated.