FAQ confusion plus totally Confused with Help and Support Theme...

Parent WPMU / BP site here: http://eastatlantaalumni.org/
Support Theme here: http://eastatlantaalumni.org/support

I don't know where to go with the Support theme. So far:
1. I've created categories and questions under FAQ manager.
2. I've created the support group, blog, and forum on the parent site.
3. A page was created which links to the forum on the parent site.
5. The Support theme was uploaded to the /support blog.
6. I'm guessing that I'm suppose to add posts to the /support blog in addition to widgets.

What's the purpose of the FAQ manager? How do I get those questions to appear for users to read? What's the purpose of the forum? I'm confused so thinking this will confuse the users more than help so I could use some direction on the best way to set up the FAQ for anyone visiting the site. From the FAQ they receive instruction on registering, post installation instruction, and a forum for asking questions.

Is there an FAQ widget? Am I missing something?
Any responses appreciated.

  • Mason

    Hiya nusolutions!

    Are you using our Support System plugin? If so, the FAQ manager and all FAQs show in the user's dashboard - it's not meant for the public side. If you want a support forum for all your users at the moment I'd recommend SimplePress - a free forum plugin that's pretty powerful.

    For front-end FAQs I'd just type them up in a regular page in WordPress.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if we can assist further!


  • Richie_KS

    hi nusolutions
    the edublog help and support theme (edu-knows) are more like a Question n Answer or wiki faq page.
    basically it work like most themes but grid out a more lisitng feel on frontpage with tags and the big search..hehe

    using the theme, all you need to post in site are like HOW to do this? How to do that?...etc
    the purpose of the theme were to make a fast faq lisitng for your members to search question an answer to problems etc...