Farms 133 theme pack updating


Are there any specific issues while updating Farms 133 theme pack?

Second question – All of your themes (may be – all) contain child-themes, so are there any specific issues while updating these themes? For example – there is newer version of WPMU Nelo, what should I do?


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi kshengelia,

    WP Nelo isn’t included in the Farms Theme Pack actually, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything with that particular theme.

    As for the rest, really, you should be able to simply overwrite them without trouble. I haven’t seen any trouble with simply overwriting them myself.

    Though one thing you’ll have to account for, is if you have the themes currently in use, you’ll have to consider that the menus now use the custom menu system, so you may have to go to individual sites to setup custom menus for use with the updated versions.

    That would be the major consideration. Otherwise, all else should work just find.

    Let us know how that goes for ya!


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