Farms Theme pack - enhancements

I've just downloaded this. Its an impressive set of themes and you've done a lot of work tidying them up and standardising them.

One thing that is still "missing" is the "customisation" of the HTML tag. In some themes (such as Dignity) the header.php file contains:

<html xmlns="" <?php language_attributes(); ?>>

which is great because it means we can use the language_attributes hook to insert additional xmlns tags into the HTML tag.

In many others the html tag is totally hard coded which means that if we need to add anything then we need to edit each header file in turn, and of course each time a pack upgrade comes out we loose the changes.

The other thing that would be great would be a definitive list of all the wp_ozh_wsa contexts used. At the moment its a rather long winded process to look at each them, get the wp_ozh_wsa contexts and then manually create them inside Wordpress and over on Google. If there was a list then it would make that job significantly easier.