Fatal error activating BP Group Calendar

Hi all

I am running a Buddypress install with a few plugins. The php.ini is set to 128MB (by the hosting company) but Group Calendar keeps returning a Fatal Error (memory exhausted) when I try and activate it.

I have tried creating a php.ini file and including it in the root directory of the site, with memory of 256M; I have also tried amending the wp-config with 256M and the .htaccess file.

I have tried deactivating two other plugins, Wordfence and Snapshot, that I believed would be more memory intensive than the Group Calendar, but the error still occurs.

The only solution is now to pay more with the hosting to upgrade beyond 128M.

But before I do, please can you tell me – does it seem right that BP Group Calendar is so memory intensive? More memory intensive than Wordfence and Snapshot combined?

It feels to me that there is an error here, so please let me know before I pay to upgrade and find that doesn’t help.

Many thanks