Fatal error after activating messaging system

I have tried installing your Jobs & Experts plugin to my site at http://seriousplaypro.com

Activated Jobs & Experts plugin and entered the data. Everything seemed to work. However, when I activated the sub-plugins for messaging then the site crashed. Have tried unistalling-installing to no avail. This is the error that I receive:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MM_AddOn_Table in /home/.../data/www/wp-content/plugins/jobs-plus/app/addons/je-message/lib/app/components/mm-addon-table.php on line 121

My site data:
Server: OS Linux Software Apache/2.2.6 (Fedora) Version 64Bit
System: PHP 5.4.36 Active Plugins 21 Zend 2.4.0
WordPress: VER 4.1 Lang Loc en_US
BuddyPress: Version 2.2.0

Can you please help me to sort out the bug?

Kind regards,

  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hey there Marko,

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    That fatal error means that this class is already used, which is usually because you already have that plugin installed, or this class is being used on another plugin.
    Usually these errors are fallowed by something like

    Previously declared in /var/www/path/to/install blah blah

    Do you have something like this in your error log?

    Here is a couple thing you could try to fix it:
    - Delete the plugin from WordPress and install it again
    - If the above doesn't work delete it again, and then use FTP to delete the plugin folder on the server. And install it again
    - If you still having problems - disable all the other plugins and re-install Jobs & Experts again.

    Let me know if this helps.


  • Marko
    • New Recruit

    A follow-up: I have now stripped my wordpress installation to bare essentials - i.e. deactivated ALL the other plugins and activated the WP core theme. Result is still the same: after unistalling, deleting the files, reinstalling and reactivating Jobs and Experts I still get the Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class MM_AddOn_Table in /home/.../data/www/wp-content/plugins/jobs-plus/app/addons/je-message/lib/app/components/mm-addon-table.php on line 121

  • Marko
    • New Recruit

    David and Ivan,

    Thank you both for your replies. After several hours of tweaking I finally managed to sort it out. Instead of messaging module that came with Jobs & Experts I installed the separate messaging plugin, which allowed to go back to the settings menu and reactivate it. However, I do not remember, but it looks like activating one of the add-ons at messaging seemed to have created the problem. I remember that I activated those four add-ons:
    - BBPress integration - Flawless integration with BBpress.
    - Broadcast - As the administrator send a message to all users at the same time.
    - Notification (Beta) - Display a visual notification for users when a new message is received.
    - WYISWYG - Adds a WYSIWYG editor to the message composer.

    I currently left them all deactivated. Any ideas - which of those might have created the problem?


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @Marko

    Hope you are doing great.

    Sorry the response took a while longer than expected. I have a strong feeling that the Notification plulgin uses some of the hooks as our J&E plugin. Here again I may be wrong :slight_smile:

    The best test of this would be to do a codebase search in the wp-content folder for this class MM_AddOn_Table and identify where the duplication occured. That would likely be our culprit.


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