Fatal error 'Cannot redeclare class' when activating

Hi, I'm a brand new member and not a good start with the first plugin. When trying to active it, I get the fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /mnt/webg/b3/30/52880430/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/comments-plus/lib/external/twitter/OAuth.php on line 8

I use WP 3.2.1 with Multisite and BuddyPress. Maybe plugin not compatible with BuddyPress?

I installed via FTP. I've been using other social related plugins, which are now installed but deactivated: Sexy Bookmarks, Social Sharing Toolkit and Simple Twitter Connect. Should I delete any of those?

I also have MarketPress Lite and 12 other plugins running.

Thx for helping!

  • DavidM

    Hi Jordi,

    Thanks for clarifying that, I actually missed that part in your original post. There's something else declaring that class, another plugin or perhaps your theme.

    Could you maybe try deactivating your other plugins for a moment to see if that sorts it?

    And perhaps try switching themes momentarily to Twenty Eleven?

    I'll tag the developer on this too to see if there's anything I might be missing on this but it does seem like something else is conflicting here.


  • ElCaganer

    Hi, thanks for quick answer.

    I made progresses and now it works. But the weird thing is that I don't see why. I've done two things in the site.

    1) Install 2 plugins (not related to this problem, just keeping the development on): Ultimate Facebook and third-party Simple Local Avatars

    2) Deactivated almost all plugins, following your suggestion. Then I could activate Comments Plus OK. Then I activated each plugin one by one while reactivating Comments Plus every time. It all went well, even at the end with all plugins activated again! This is the weird part. Before, with all plugins activated, I had the concern. Now, with the same plugins activated and even two more activated, there is no concern. Mystery to me!

    So, I close this thread as solved. Thank you.

    Anyway, now with Ultimate Facebook on, I see a redundancy between its FB commenting feature and Comment Plus (see snapshot). It seems they are not planned to be on together, isn't it? If yes, how do you suggest to configure one and the other? Maybe, unseting the FB comenting tap in Comments Plus... but still too many room in my opinion. By now, I've chosen the commenting feature in Ultimate Facebook since it's quicker and I think a better user experience, though I lose the possibility to comment via Twitter or G+.

  • ElCaganer

    Well, nothing to do with the concerm itself, but after some playing with both plugins, I much prefer Comments Plus, mainly because the comments keep part of WP comments system, which means that you can filter them, be notified by e-mail as admin and they keep in the comments counter for the post. Also, the cascade of merged Ultimate FB comments and WP 'native' comments does not look good. If there are WP 'native' comments, Ultimate FB comments are shown twice or more. And, if I'm not wrong, seting Ultimate FB alone (by hiding WP native comments) means user need a FB account to comment.


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