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Fatal Error
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The site encountered a problem that it cannot recover from. Please use the following information to try to resolve the problem.
Error Message

Fatal Error: Call to undefined function get_active_blog_for_user() in /home/content/00/8415400/html/wp-content/plugins/communities/communities-framework.php on line 576


The Communities plugin code created an error that caused PHP execution to fail.

The code tried to run a function that doesn't exist (get_active_blog_for_user()). This type of error is typically caused by a simple typo (is_hom() rather than is_home()), by calling a function provided by a plugin when that plugin is not activated, by calling a function before it is ready (such as calling a function before the code that creates it has run), or by using a function that no longer exists (the function may have been removed from WordPress core or the plugin/theme that previously supplied it).

Invalid code modifications can cause this problem. If you have made any modifications to the plugin, remove them and try to load the site again.
It is possible that this plugin's code is out of date and that an upgrade is available. Check with the plugin's author to see if an upgrade is available.
There may be a conflict with another plugin running on the site. Try upgrading the other plugins on the site. A plugin conflict can be ruled out by deactivating all the other active plugins on the site and checking to see if the error still occurs.
The Communities plugin may not have been fully uploaded. Uploading the plugin again could fix the issue. Important: If you do this, you will lose any modifications made to the plugin.

Error Source Details
Type Plugin
Name Communities
Author Paul Menard (Incsub)
Path /home/content/00/8415400/html/wp-content/plugins/communities
File communities-framework.php
Other Software Details
WordPress Version 3.5.1
PHP Version 5.3.21
Full Error Details
Type Fatal Error (E_ERROR)
Message Call to undefined function get_active_blog_for_user()
File /home/content/00/8415400/html/wp-content/plugins/communities/communities-framework.php
Line 576
Type Description This type of error indicates that PHP cannot continue to run the code. Typical causes of this type of error are code bugs that have typos, missing or incomplete files (such as a file that was only partially uploaded), and the code using more memory than it is allowed.

Note that this message is generated by iThemes.com products when an error is encountered on the site. While an iThemes product is generating this message, it is not necessarily the cause of the problem.