Fatal error in MailChimp Integration-Plugin

Hi folks!

Beautiful sunday this sunday. I hope it's not raining on your side either.

I get this error message, when I try to configure the settings of the MailChimp Integration-plugin.

Fatal error: Class 'WPMUDEV_Mailchimp_Sync_API' not found in [ContentRemoved]/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-sync/helpers.php on line 42

I'm glad for any clue, help... I've already granted Support-Access by the way :wink:

Looking forward hearing from you

  • Sajid

    Hi Philip,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    No, its not raining, we have beautiful sunny Sunday over here!

    This error shows that, there are some files missing on your install. It happens mostly while installing the plugin manually over FTP.

    Please remove the plugin and then install it again via our Dashboard plugin.

    Note: Avoid posting the full address/path of your website. Its a public forum and this information can leads toward your site got hacked.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:
    Cheers, Sajid

  • Philip

    Hey Sajid

    Thx for your response - the sun always shines in Philly, right?

    There must be another problem as well - I just deactivated and deleted the whole plugin and re-installed it via your Dashboard-plugin, like the first time.

    The thing is, I'm getting this error-message first:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Mailchimp in /home/gertschp/www/derkompletteconstruct2kurs.ch/wp-content/plugins/mailchimp-sync/mailchimp-api/Mailchimp.php on line 19

    And after I tried changing something, the error message I entered in the original post appeared.

    Any other clue?

  • Panos

    Hello Philip ,

    It seems we are having a conflict issue here and there is another plugin ( or the theme perhaps ) using "Mailchimp" as a Class name. This explains the "redeclare" error you see.

    The quickest way to check if this is the case is to deactivate all other plugins, switch theme and check if the errors are gone. If they are gone you can re-activate plugins one by one and check if the errors come back, so you know which plugin is interfering.

    If this is the case then you will have to decide if you can do your work only with "MailChimp Integration" plugin and not use the one that interferes. If you need them both, I have renamed the class name in a MailChimp Integration plugin version which you can find here:

    This is a non-official version and it will be overwritten with the next plugin update. So it would be helpfull, if you would let us know if this change fixes your issue so we can flag the Developer and add this change in the next update.


    Kind regards,

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