Fatal Error Issue Not Resolved

Hi Joe:

I still have the error problem. This is the action I've taken but i still have the problem:

- Fresh database
- Fresh WordPress
- Fresh Genesis Theme
- Fresh MarketPress Plugin
- The plugin works without issues in the TwentyTwelve default theme
- It gets the error message when using Genesis Framework theme (no child theme)
- It gets the error message when using a Genesis Child Theme

I received a reply from StudioPress regarding this issue and they say it's your plugin that is causing the issue.

"StudoPress Says This: This is actually a problem with their plugin. It is just being highlighted in Genesis and a few other themes. Something is causing an error to be returned for one of the variables Genesis uses. The way the variable is being used it is causing the error you are seeing. This issue will exist in general but themes that aren't using the value like that will not show the error."

We use Genesis for all our client work, so I need to resolve this issue soon.

Any ideas to make this plugin work with Genesis without showing the error?

Thanks Bill