Fatal Error on Expired Pro Site

I just discovered on of our member Pro Sites is throwing this fatal error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ProSites::get_profile_id() in /home/tripawds/public_html/wp-content/plugins/pro-sites/pro-sites-files/gateways/gateway-paypal-express-pro.php on line 3146

Other Pro Sites are loading fine so I checked the PSTS Admin, and discovered the site is expired. Never before have we seen this error on expired sites. Expired sites would always still load, just lacking the the features we extend to Pro Sites.

The site is: http://jillsjourney.tripawds.com/

I have granted Support Access on the Tripawds network if anyone cares to have look.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated ASAP since i'm sure the member is going to notice their broken site soon...


Pro Sites Version 3.5.4

  • jcnjr

    QUESTION: Is there any way to quickly view all Pro Sites?

    The PSTS Admin "Manage Sites" page only allows for searching by blog or site ID.

    I would like to review other Pro Sites on our Network to see if any are having the same issue. We have had many Pro Sites expired over the years, so I need to find out if they are inaccessible too.

    Can anyone suggest a way to find all current and past Pro Sites? Perhaps an SQL query I could run in PHP MyAdmin?


    PS: (Feature Request) Enhance the Manage Sites admin to include listing/viewing Pro Sites or searching by status.

  • jcnjr

    This has just become more urgent...

    Apparently ALL our expired Pro Sites throw the error! I randomly started reviewing past Pro Sites by memory, and they all have the Fatal Error. Though expired, the content in these sites is valuable to our members and our network.

    NOTE: For clarification, many if not most of our expired Pro Sites were originally "Supporter" blogs.

    Please see the attached screen shot which includes this note:

    This site is using an older gateway so their information is not accessible until the next payment comes through.

    The screenshot also shows how there is no way to Modify the site status. There are no options listed, and clicking the Modify button does nothing...

    NOTE: Manually extending Pro Site status does revive the site and eliminate the error. But we can't do that for all expired sites—we just need them back without the error!

  • jcnjr

    OK, just thinking out loud here, looking for a way to easily identify all expired Pro Sites on our network...

    The wp_pro_sites table has 235 records.
    It appears that the expire column uses Unix Epoch Time.
    So, I ran the following query using today's date:

    SELECT * FROM 'wp_pro_sites' WHERE 'expire' < "1464374619";
    (query ticks edited to display properly here)
    This returned 130 results. Am I correct in assuming these are all our expired Pro Sites?

    If so, great, but still too many to go through manually.

    Assuming this has something to do with the old Supporter gateway, is there any query I can run to bring these all up to date with Pro Sites?

    I'm guessing if I manually extend and then revoke Pro Site status, that should fix the errors. Right?

    But I can't do that from the interface because notification emails get sent. We can't have that. So I'm looking for a way to do this via the database.

    Any other suggestions gladly welcome!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello jcnjr,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm sorry for the trouble and I hope the fix would be out for this soon. Meanwhile, could you please take a look at this post and try suggested solution? I think it should help.


    Let me know please if it worked for you!

    Best regards,

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