Fatal error with topic.php on edublogs bbpress theme

Hi there,

it's my 1st post around here, and I've seen the great support you've been doing guys, I'm sure everybody appreciate it like I do.

I went crazy when I 1st came in here. I didn't know from where should I start, I went like a starving homeless who had an invitation to a five stars open buffet, I really found myself in here. Thanks to you guys

I'm using wpmu 2.9.1 which is integrated with bbpress 1.0.2 and Lately I've used edublogs bbpress theme which is excellent and easy to manage but I came across a problem which I tried to search this forum and edublogs forum for an answer but no avails.

my website is brand new so my ID is 1 and no body is using the forum tell now

I registered another Username to look around the difference between admin and regular users and when I tried to reply one of the admin post a freaky error came across and ruined my day so far

Answers from fellow members and edublogs support

Fatal error: Call to undefined function avatar_display_bbpress() in /home/ssmm/public_html/forums/bb-templates/eduBB/topic.php on line 63

I thought at the beginning it's because some plugins, I removed all of them , but the problem still there. where I decided to delete the forum and the database tables and to install it again and the 1st thing is to check that error again, which was waiting for me with many questions marks on my head.

by the way I can start new topics with no problem but when I try to reply them I get this error

I checked the topic.php file but I'm not that smart in PHP coding

I do apology if this issue was risen once ago, but I need help please.
I would really appreciate it.

Thanks once again and best Regards