WPMU DEV Update Notifications plugin : Slowing down site =(

Hey guys! Am reposting this on a new topic, as the old one seems irrelevant by now, due to it's title.

It seems that WPMU DEV Update Notifications plugin is buggy.
For example, loading times for simple issues with and without the plugin, using Yslow, on Firebug

1) Adding new post
with plugin - 35.496 seconds
without plugin - 5.516 seconds

2) Edit members (under membership plugin)
with plugin - 32.915 seconds
without plugin - 2.259 seconds

3) Membership dashboard
with plugin - 36.676 seconds
without plugin - 4.316 seconds

Will disable the plugin until it's fixed? Please pm me for the admin username and password to do the same test =) I do hope it could be fixed, as it will save many people the loading time. I guess perhaps the plugin makes numerous unnecessary queries.