WPMU DEV Update Notifications plugin : Slowing down site =(

Hey guys! Am reposting this on a new topic, as the old one seems irrelevant by now, due to it's title.

It seems that WPMU DEV Update Notifications plugin is buggy.
For example, loading times for simple issues with and without the plugin, using Yslow, on Firebug

1) Adding new post
with plugin - 35.496 seconds
without plugin - 5.516 seconds

2) Edit members (under membership plugin)
with plugin - 32.915 seconds
without plugin - 2.259 seconds

3) Membership dashboard
with plugin - 36.676 seconds
without plugin - 4.316 seconds

Will disable the plugin until it's fixed? Please pm me for the admin username and password to do the same test =) I do hope it could be fixed, as it will save many people the loading time. I guess perhaps the plugin makes numerous unnecessary queries.


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    As I said in the previous thread, no one else has reported these kind of problems with the plugin, out of 5272 installed sites. So it must be a wierd issue with your server.

    There are 2 processes in the plugin which can take some resources. Scanning files, and contacting our server to check for updates. But those only take place every 12 hours, and only when you are visiting the admin area as a admin (super admin in multisite). So basically our plugin works in exactly the same way as the built in WP updater, on the same schedule.

    Does this not happen when you are logged in as not super admin?

  • Leokoo
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Aaron,

    I've tried it out as a normal admin, and it takes just as long. It's because my colleagues were having a very trying time to upload new posts (some queries take as long as 60 seconds or more), that I began looking more into our plugins and cache. And after disabling all plugins and activating them individually, the Update Notifications plugin shows the most significant amount of change =(

    I've just tested it on our other host, this one based in UK. And the differences are
    1) Creating new post
    with plugin - 6 seconds
    without plugin - 1.7 seconds

    Please let us know what's causing the delay with and without the plugin. Would there be any necessary settings needed for the plugin, instead of just telling me it's a hosting problem. After all, the hosts said, if it's the plugin that causes the lag, then it's no longer their issue.

    Thus, where do we go from here, as we're in between both you guys?

  • Leokoo
    • Flash Drive

    Here's some updates on the WPMU DEV Update Notifications plugin by doing a SQL query test. Seems like it's not a SQL issue. How do we do a network sniff on a Mac using Mamp Pro? It might be the plugin making some network calls?

    Please give me your server settings.

    with plugin : 75 queries, time : 0.04311 secs (queries), loading time : 16.97 sec
    without plugin : 68 queries, time : 0.03929 seconds (sec), loading time : 4.386 sec

    with plugin : 33 queries, Qtime : 0.01869s, loading time : 16.889s
    without plugin : 15 queries, Qtime : 0.00908s, loading time : 1.891s

    with plugin : 39 queries, Qtime : 0.0213s, loading time : 16.596s
    without plugin : 21 queries, Qtime : 0.01423s, loading time : 1.684s

    With Cart66 plugin activated
    with plugin : 266 queries, Qtime : 0.28003s, loading time : 17.806s
    without plugin : 259 queries, Qtime : 0.26251s, loading time : 2.709s

    with plugin : 415 queries, Qtime : 0.25977s, loading time : 18.519s
    without plugin : 408 queries, Qtime : 0.23805s, loading time : 3.411s

    with plugin : 125 queries, Qtime : 0.05156s, loading time : 19.845s
    without plugin : 118 queries, Qtime : 0.05289s, loading time : 3.486s

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Like I said ther are 2 functions that may be slightly slow. First scanning all plugins for ours, and second checking our server for updates. Neither should be slowing down your admin area except at most one page load every 12 hours while logged in as a super admin.

    And we cant replicate the issue. You would need to use a tool like the xdebug extension to track down what's really happening.

    Note it's the weekend now, so if you get any data from that I'll respond Monday.

  • Leokoo
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Aaron!

    Please give me your email address =) Would like to include you when we talk to the hosts. Hosts say it's not their server fault nor settings. On our part, we run it without any other plugins and it causes a major lag. And on your side, you say you never encounter the same problem elsewhere.

    Please assist.



  • Tracy
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    We've had similar programs but with a non WPMU Dev plugin that is popular, Gravity Forms. We have two Multi site installs with identical settings on the same server and the install with a ton of sites on it had no issues with admin / dashboard load times, but the install with only a handful of sites on it was significantly slower on all dashboard page loads until we uninstalled the Gravity Forms .... we uninstalled every plugin one by one, checked memory availability, and did everything else we could to try to troublehsoot and figure out what about Gravity Forms was causing an issue since other users were not experiencing the issue and to this day cannot figure out what the relationship to slower admin load times are to GF being installed .... sometimes there are oddities like this that occur .... while there's certainly something going, if other users are not experiencing the same issue, then that is a strong hint that it is something unique to your install and there are so many factors at play that might be unique to your server and install .... sorry I can't add anything that might help you fix the issue, but I've been there... best of luck with everything....

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Try commenting out line 61:
    //add_action( 'admin_init', array( &$this, 'check' ) );
    See if that fixes the load time.

    What i'm thinking is something is wrong with your server config preventing remote calls via wp_remote_get(), so they hit the 15 second timeout, and since they are never successful, they keep trying every page load for super admins.

    Do you have any listings on the WPMU DEV page? When does it say it last checked for updates there?

  • Leokoo
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Aaron,

    Just tried the WPMU Updates Sidebar and it came as

    Installed WPMU DEV Plugins/Themes

    Name Links Installed Version Latest Version Actions
    Please note that all data is updated every 12 hours. Last updated: January 1, 1970 12:00 am - Update Now

  • Leokoo
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Tracy for the previous feedback!

    Aaron, please kindly check the following

    This is from our hosts
    And see they are blocking our IP range

    - to acecss the following site

    premium.wpmudev.org (

    I doesn't seems to be able to access their port 80 from our server.

  • Shaun
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I am experiencing a similar problem to this, the only difference with this server and any other server I've installed WPMU Dev plugin to is that this one is behind a firewall.

    For now I am just leaving the plugin deactivated, although of course this is not ideal. Are there any new ideas on what could be causing this?

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