FB login on PayPerView page stopped working when installing another FB plugin


The PPV plugin was working fine then when I installed another FB plugin the FB login on the PPV no longer work, clicking on it it does not take the user to FB to login.

You can see it here http://fbjack.sktechno.com/page-3-always-disabled-setting-for-page/

When you go to this page, you will see a popup- this is the new FB plugin I installed.

Close this popup you will see the ppv page, clicking on the second or third option, then select FB login-

it should take you to FB to login- but it doesn’t.

In PPV admin, I have tried to check / uncheck the option ” My website already uses Facebook . By default, Facebook script will be loaded by the plugin. If you are already running Facebook scripts, to prevent any conflict, check this option.”

But it stilll doesn’t work when using the other FB script.

Even when I uninstalled the other FB script, PPV ‘s FB login still doesn’t work

Please advise,