feature of ultimate branding plugin


I have a question about New Ultimate Branding Plugin.

It has global footer content. I used to it as external. Bu it is good included branding plugin. But I don’ t want to see it on main site. Global text appers on main blog. Can you put any options to select show or not show it.

Thank you

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    Hello mutfaksirlari,

    Disabling the Global Footer content on the main site seems like a nice idea. I will pass this on to our developer and also move this to the feature and requests section and then will wait for our developers response on it along with you.

    @Barry : The request is to have an option to disable the Global Footer Content on the main site.



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    No to sound troublesome, but why build it in? Some people may want it there.

    IMO, that sort of thing is better to hide via CSS. The site owner can add the footer content by giving it a CSS class like this:

    <div class="global_footer_content">Powered by <a href="http://mysite.com">My Cool Multisite Network</a></div>

    That way you can control it’s visibility via CSS on any site on the network, including the main one by add the following to the theme’s or child theme’s style.css file:

    .global_footer_content { display:none;}

    That method also gives you the ability to add style rules to it for the different themes on the site. If anything, I would suggest that the devs wrap the content in its own class so it can be handle by CSS easily (if it isn’t already). The reason for this would be that if you have tracking code or something else in the footer content, in addition to some text, then you will be also turning off that tracking code just to hide the text.

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