Feature question/request: Affiliates working with a contact form? Is it even possible?

I'm not sure if this is even really possible, but is there any way I can get the affiliates plugin to recognize if somebody was referred from one of my affiliates when they visit... and then tell me that from a contact form? I understand that signups to membership, and purchases from MarketPress will recognize that sort of thing... and that members will have that information in the system; but when people use my contact form to be a client (90% of my client-base), I never can tell where they came from without straight up asking them.

Basically, I'd like to give all of my previous clients the ability to use my affiliate program, and benefit from the traffic generated to me from their websites and referrals... but if all of my business is coming from a contact form, how can I link this? A simple integration with Contact Form 7 or something that'll read cookies... IDK.

I don't need it to calculate percentages and such, because the system won't even know the cost of the project on initial contact. I will though, and having that information attached to the initial contact request will help me to manually credit that affiliate.