Feature request: Ability to rename Sub Wiki

This is just a small thing, but I think it might be useful. On the wiki pages, I'm renaming the Sub Wiki to read as Related Articles.

I do it in wiki-includes.php on line 667

Here's the original:
$bottom = "<h3>".__('Sub Wikis', $this->translation_domain) . "</h3> <ul><li>";

I change it to:
$bottom = "<h3>".__('Related Articles', $this->translation_domain) . "</h3> <ul><li>";

I'm trying to set up the site without using the word Wiki too much, but this is one of those places where it really stands out. I was wondering you all could make this an upgrade-friendly fix by allowing for a field in the settings to define it. I only realized a small need for it when I ran the latest upgrade. It would just reduce the manual changes needed every time an upgrade is run.