Feature Request - Advance Region Options Functionality

Greetings! I'm not sure how to create this in the Feature Requests category, though I hope you don't mind this here for now.

I've mentioned this previously but I don't think I made a topic regarding the subject.

I'd like to offer a feature request that would allow Whole Regions to be able to be moved up or down (above or below each other). As well as the capability to Duplicate entire regions. This would become very useful when determining the layout of a page and you're not quite sure how you want everything situated, which region/content goes where etc. I've found this option could become quite useful at times.

A quick example:
On a homepage, there are regions created to signify blog posts, and one for products, and one for testimonials. The user is unsure of what order he/she wants these displayed in and can maneuver the regions above or below each other as needed. And can also duplicate/copy a region that has a certain layout for quick building.

Hope this finds WPMUdev and other users well. Very much looking forward to new Upfront releases.

Much Love,
Ciro Bey