Feature request: automatic backups for all blogs

Snapshot is a great tool for creating backups. But for everyone running a multisite network, using Snapshot has one big disadvantage: I cannot make a backup of my whole network.

Here the reasons, why I think this to be a must have feature:

If you got hacked, you need a snapshot of the whole network

To be safe in case of a successful hacking attack, you need to backup the whole network. This just happened to me, and I found files with malicious code all over the different sites of the network. The whole network was compromised.

Only a complete restore got the sites back online - I do not want to think about the work that would have ben needed to restore all existing sites one by one from individual blog snapshots ...

Setting up snapshots for any number of blogs is redundant

Chances are good, that I need the same settings for a number of blogs. I also want to store the snapshots in destinations, organized by blog name, so I can find the one I need.

Today I need to define backup settings for every individual blog. Even if you have only a hand full of sites in your network, this can become quite time consuming and repetetitive.

My suggestions:

1. Include a "make a snapshot of the whole network" option.

2. Let me define the parameters of a snapshot, and at the end let me choose (checkboxes) from a list of all blogs to select, for which blogs I want to apply the settings.
Automatically generate a folder structure (on destinations like FTP or Google Drive) or include the blog's name and the timestamp in the snapshots, to allow to identify the right zip file in case it is needed.

Thanks for considering this :slight_smile: