Feature Request: Better overview screen in 'the hub' (something like watchful.li)

Hi, i have just started a trial of WPMU and so far I do like the service.

I however run an agency, and it seems like while 'the hub' has a lot of useful information, being able to easily see this across a portfolio of dozens of clients websites is not actually possible without hovering over each one individually, or opening each clients drop-down and looking at each tab.

It seems logical you would have an overview page with high importance information instantly visible (eg: Urgent things like out of date WP +PHP out of life warnings + version numbers, light warnings system for possibly hacked sites|recent backup status|update status|uptime| etc all in one simple table view. (like other dashboard systems such as watchful.li, so in one simple gglance i can see sites that need attention) and action those things directly from that table in a couple clicks.

I would strongly suggest you look at building an extra page (perhaps I'm missing this feature somewhere?) that does the above, as your system already has all the relevant information, I am confused why you dont display it in any easy way across the whole portfolio instead of having to manually check every site, in my mind it kind of defeats the purpose of having this amazing dashboard in the first place.

Given you aready have all this information i would envisage it would not take an excessively long for your team to come up with this view, so i would request this be an urgent feature update that would greatly improve your tool for every user :slight_smile:

Thanks for a great service and software, I look forward to your response! :slight_smile: