Feature Request: Category Image Uploads and Admin Approval of Listings

I love the plugin because it is so easy to use but would be great to be able to upload images to represent each listing category, to be able to enforce admin approval of member listings before they go live and to be able to create forms for members to complete when adding a listing. Are these features planned for a future release?

(would have posted this in the suggestions forum but it doesn't get me any points toward lifetime membership :wink: and where's the link that usually pops up at bottom right of the page??? )

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey DDV.

    So lets break this down so its clear in my mind. :slight_smile:

    Custom images to represent category.
    Admin approval of listing submission.

    and where's the link that usually pops up at bottom right of the page???

    Which link?

    So let me add a few of mine as well :slight_smile:

    + Allow different levels of sponsorship and free at the same time. Some plans could include deep linking to sub pages on sites as well as including the main site.
    + Highlight different levels of sponsorship differently, giving priority to them in searches and at the top of their categories.
    + All listings admin approved first - Option.
    ++ Only Free listings admin approved, premium listings are live after payment - Option.
    ++ Free and certain levels admin approved first, others list without admin approval - Option.
    + Show page rank.
    + Show Alexa rank.
    + Show other popularity measurements.
    + Integrate with our Google Maps.
    + Allow contact form for users to contact submission owner. (owner can disable)
    + Bring back custom fields but give a better way to edit and include them in a post/listing without editing code
    + Allow site owner to claim a listing by editing his sites meta tag (like in google webmaster tools) or including an xml file on his site with a unique code for his site.
    + Spider - Search google for keywords and then import listings in your site which are relevant
    + DMOZ importer - Import selected categories from DMOZ - Allow to mark which ones to include and which ones not to. Navigate categories selecting them
    + DMOZ importer - Import selected listings from DMOZ - Allow to mark which ones to include and which ones not to. Navigate categories selecting them.
    + Option to force reciprocal linking.
    + Option to remove force of reciprocal link for premium listings. If subscription ends then site requires a reciprocal link or just made to draft until it does (could be checked through cron)
    + Include Thumbshots.org Thumbnails of all sites.
    + Coupons for sponsored listings.

    Its only a couple of things I would like really :wink:

    Lets move this over to the feature request forums. :slight_smile:

    Anyone else looking for any of this.

    Its a + 1(00000000) from me :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • Timothy Bowers

    And I thought I was asking for a lot :wink:

    Well I'm greedy with features and want lots of cool things. :wink:

    Our developer will be working on some of these things as well, so if anyone has more suggestions or wants to just put their voice forwards then please do :slight_smile:

    That's the link I couldn't find. For the past week or so there has been a feature/plugin request link at the bottom right of wpmudev.org pages.

    Oh I think you mean at uservoice? Like in my screenshot?

    If so it should still be there, I can see it when not logged in as well. Can you not?

    The feature request forum is slight different though, its part of our site whereas uservoice is a separate service we set up so that non members can also have a bit of input and we can see whats popular for everyone including members. :slight_smile:

    This thread is in the feature request forum now as well.

    Take care.

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